Get Your Business Noticed

Your web presence is even more important than it was just a few years ago! Cinnamon Edge can help you with your digital marketing through consultancy, training and services.
What do you need? We often start with consultancy and analysis, after which many clients request specific training or for us to provide a range of services, and we’re happy to oblige.
People ask if we offer traditional marketing – yes, we do! However, most businesses are opting for digital marketing because it’s cost effective, targeted and highly trackable.


Your Business is as Unique as You Are

That’s why when you first approach us as a prospective client our first intent is to understand you and your hopes and aspirations for your business. Then together we’ll look at where you are now. Only then can we help you turn those hopes into plans and those aspirations into reality.

Big business, small business or somewhere in between, your business is unique. Between us, we can make it special.