63 Ways to Save Your Business – Cinnamon Edge Book Now Available

We’ve just added to Kindle! 63 Ways to Save Your Business [Kindle Edition]. You won’t find too much high-tech stuff in the first eight chapters of 63 Simple Ways to Save Your Business – just genuinely simple things you can do to help you survive and even thrive now and beyond.

Some wisdom is truly timeless, including the fact that it’s the businesses that keep marketing and selling through the tough, dark times that survive into the brighter post-recession days that will come along eventually!

What you have here is a handy reminder of everything you can do – most of it very low cost indeed – to keep your business alive and help it thrive now and in the future.
There’s no rocket science and not even too much Internet technology in here, just 56 Simple (and timeless) Ways to Grow Your Business, arranged in the first eight themed chapters. For chapter nine, we added 7 ways to use the ‘new Internet’, bringing the book bang up to date.

If all this book does is remind you what you should be doing already… it will have done its job!

5* Reviews for Easy Competitor Analysis

Amazon’s T&Cs mean we can’t show them here, but do go to the site! On the UK site, scroll down to see US reviews too.

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