“An Invaluable Workshop”

Business Festival Online Marketing Class

The special workshop we presented on Wednesday, in partnership with Bury St Edmunds Chamber of Commerce, was very well attended and we’re delighted to say the feedback from delegates has been excellent. We spoke about “Effective Online Marketing for Today’s Businesses”, and illustrated it with examples, anecdotes and video.

That we overran by almost 45 minutes and that almost everyone stayed to the end says a lot, we hope, about the quality and value of the information we shared. Judging where to ‘pitch’ these workshops is difficult, given the different levels of knowledge among the audience and the differences between their respective businesses, but we tend to err on the side of giving too much information rather than too little and the consensus was that everyone got something useful out of the afternoon.

Given that we only charged £20 (£10 for Chamber members), the delegates got great value, too!

We run several workshops a year, some of them in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, and we can do in house and personal training sessions as well. Visit the workshops and training page to learn more about learning more…

We don’t have any more courses scheduled at the moment, but we will be speaking at the Bury Chamber First Friday Club on 12 October. (Yes, that IS the second Friday, just to keep people on their toes!)



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