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You might know that Roy is an “occasionally keen” cyclist. Meaning he has bouts of enthusiasm – usually related to whatever cycling challenge he has committed himself to and for which he feels more or less unprepared.

Lacking a cycling goal this year, cycle training has, to all intents and purposes, not really happened. An occasional 10-20 mile jaunt doesn’t qualify as training, nice though it is to trundle around the lanes and headlands of this lovely island.

That’s why he’s switched his attention and enthusiasm in the last couple of weeks to the Collas Crill Round Island Walk. While cycling around Jersey’s forty-odd mile circumference is a nice little challenge for a moderate cyclist, walking the 48.1 miles of coast path is a bigger thing altogether. For one thing, it will take much, much longer AND it includes all the cliff paths and steps of the north coast AND he hasn’t walked anything like that distance before, ever. It will hurt.

After a slow build up training started in earnest last week and Roy walked a total of about thirty miles over the bank holiday weekend, at a reasonable pace. The longest single walk was sixteen miles, though, or a third of the total distance, so he will be walking into the unknown at 3am on 20 June! He will do it, though.

Now, one of the things we encourage our clients to do is to let go of any anxiety around asking for money. After all, it’s an essential part of business. It’s even more essential for charities, of course, so please donate what you can to the deserving local charities on this page

Roy will do his bit on 20 June. You can do yours, and make it worth the pain, right now.

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  1. Cinnamon Edge

    Subsequent weekends have seen me walk 22.7 miles (the 0.7 is important!) and 27 miles, the latter with brand new shoes, which is not the way to do it. My heal blister has about healed so I’ll be aiming for something similar this weekend, with just a week to wait for the actual event.

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