Competitor Analysis – Cinnamon Edge Book Now Available on Kindle

Easy Competitor Analysis – How to Find What Your Competitors Are Up To, & How to Benefit From That Valuable Knowledge (Business Building) [Kindle Edition] now released!

When I talk about one of the services we offer, a common response is, “Competitor analysis? What’s that and why would I need it?” Another one I get is, “And how would I do that?”

You’ll find the answers to both questions in this book! In summary, however, competitor analysis is finding out about your competitors’ businesses and applying that knowledge to your own business. You’ll be taken step by step through how to find out what your competitors are up to, and how you can use the knowledge to your own benefit.
You’ll be surprised at what you find out.

I’ll also show you how you can outsource some of this if you’re pushed for time.
In addition, you get a link to the accompanying worksheets if you would like them; there’s no charge for downloading them.

5* Reviews for Easy Competitor Analysis

Amazon’s T&Cs mean we can’t show them here, but do go to the site! On the UK site, scroll down to see US reviews too.

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