Raising Your Authority & Credibility

T he more people see you and your business as credible and having authority, the more they will trust you, and tell othersJust some of our kindle books about you. Being an acknowledged expert in your industry helps to separate you from the rest and helps to avoid the ‘commoditisation’ of your products and services.

We can help build your authority, credibilty and kudos through:

  • Getting you seen on and offline in:
    • Articles
    • Reports
    • Manuals
    • Books
  • Being seen through:
    • Speaking/workshops/seminars
    • In papers, magazines, TV and radio
  • Helping you get seen across the internet with you showing up in Google
  • …and other search engines which now, to all intents and purpose, include YouTube and Facebook!
  • Social platforms such as:
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Bookmarking sites
    • Etc
  • Sharing sites that show and share, for example:
    • Articles
    • Presentations
    • Documents
    • Images
    • Podcasts (audio)
    • Videos
  • News releases – online ones can be quite powerful
  • And more

Just let us know what you want!

What’s next?

In the first instance, call, email us or fill in the contact form here. Include your own contact details and the queries you have – and if you know you need something but you’re not sure what, just say!

We offer a freeĀ 20 minute sessionĀ over the phone or Skype to get a brief idea of your needs and if we can help you. We do charge an initial consultancy fee, but 30-100% of this (depending on what you go for) will be offset against any work we do for you.