Digital Marketing - Getting You Seen Online

There’s no point in having a super-duper website if people aren’t finding you when they search online! It’s just as bad if they find your website and click away quickly. If your business isn’t coming up in Google and more, then contact us for us to help you. (No website at all? Click here.)

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What is 'digital marketing'?

Digital marketing

Digital marketing (also known as online marketing and internet marketing) is using the internet to help with your marketing, even if you don’t have a web site! With the he increase in the use of smart phones and tablets, it’s even more important to have a digital presence, especially if your competitors are online.

As digital marketers offering consultancy and services, we can help you wherever your business is based, saving you time, hassle and money. Contact Cinnamon Edge to find out more!

Digital marketing benefits you as a business

– You can interact with your customers and clients to learn more about their needs

– You can build up client lists/databases much more quickly and cheaply than with offline methods

– You are not relying on the Post office

– You can reduce costs (advertising, overheads, storage, printing and posting)

– Rather than wait until the latest load of catalogues has run out, you can update your catalogues from day to day if you want, changing your information and prices to changing market conditions

– You can access global markets

– You can diversify much more easily

Online marketing is today’s answer for businesses who want to get more clients to their door … pay less doing it … and have immediate feedback on their marketing campaigns

Online marketing also benefits your customers

If you are selling goods, customers can buy from your site 24 hours a day … and they don’t have to go into your shop to buy the goods. This means buying or ordering is made more convenient, interactive and immediate, so they are more likely to go ahead – so, are you benefiting from online marketing?

What we can do for you

Digital marketing – it’s essential, and we can help!

More and more, people are looking online to find businesses. We can help you not only get seen online by people who want your products or services but also get them to take action. In brief, we can:

– Build you a website that’s optimised for the search engines, especially Google

– Update and optimise your existing site

– Analyse your current online (and offline) marketing mix

– Analyse competitor online presence

– Find other ways to get you seen on Google and other sites

– Bring in even more ways of being seen

– Test and track your site stats (see below)

– See what’s being said about you or your products (eg, on review sites)

In short, we dedicate time and energy to your success. (See just some of our testimonials.) These strategies don’t just bring in traffic to your site, they help build awareness of you and, in people’s eyes, you gain authority and credibility. We can do the work for you, or train you to do it, or offer a mix of both – we find most of our clients like the last option best.

Website, online & competitor analysis

Website, online & competitor analysis as art of a package

These often go hand in hand with the work we do for you on digital marketing – however, if you prefer, you can just have an analysis and take it from there yourself..
We offer the following analyses, each coming with a summary of findings and recommendations, and can consult on the results:

Website analysis 1: What’s good, what need changing, what needs adding

Website analysis 2: Who visits your site, where do they come from, how long do they stay, and what pages do they look at or click away from?

– Online presence: Can you be seen online? What are you doing to make it better?

– Reputation: Reputation management is vital in today’s digital world – what are they saying about you, and how are you responding?

Marketing: What’s your marketing mix like, is there more you need to do in a certain area, and are there places you can save money yet get better results?

How much does it cost?

It depends how much you want doing, if you have a website, how much is out there about you, and more! We do start-up packages based on your immediate needs and offer more advanced packages to established businesses. It’s easier to get in touch with us and ask for a quote.

Can I have just a one-off analysis?

For sure! For a one-off fee, we’ll do the analysis and hand over our findings and recommendations to your team

Video marketing - part of a digital approach

 Video Marketing

We can sort your video needs. Click here for video examples

  • Get great SEO! All include targeted keywords
  • Drive traffic to your site(s)
  • Help people get to know you and your business
  • Use in all sorts of places

Which video type(s) do you want?

Mix and match! You can use a video to:Video Marketing Video on YouTube

  • Showcase your products
  • Showcase your services
  • Show people how to use what you sell
  • Show testimonials
  • Attract people to your site
  • For presentations
  • To build credibility
  • For viral marketing
  • For promoting affiliate products

Benefits of a Video Presence

You can create backlinks to your site using videos, thus helping search engine optimisation and helping drive traffic to your site.

In addition, with YouTube, you can link one video to another meaning people can go from one to another of your ‘showcases’. You may, for example, have one showing a product, another demonstrating it, another showing advanced use, and another showing how to get to your premises.

You can upload your videos to many video sharing sites and, of course, your own sites. You can set them so they can be viewed by all, or just invited guests. In fact, depending on why you’ve made the videos/what outcome you want, you can make each ‘invite-only’ a free or paid for video.

What is SEO (search engine optimisation) and why does it matter in digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO helps search engines (like Google and Bing) find your site. This means when someone types in a search for your type of business and location, you could be up there on the first page. People rarely look at listing past the first page – and sometimes don’t even scroll to the bottom of page one!

More and more people search online before they buy (either online or by coming to you), so a good website presence is essential…and the prettiest site in the world is no good if it is not being seen! Contact Cinnamon Edge.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is what we do to make your site irresistible to the search engines! That means you have a much bigger chance of the search engines (such as Google) showing your site when people are searching for your type of business.

SEO can be:

– Onsite, through the content and the website code

– Offsite, but yours, where your media (eg, documents, ebooks, photos and videos) are optimised so that people can find you through them

– Offsite, where different ‘properties’ (other sites, blogs, social media, sharing sites, etc) point back to your site

We can do it for you, or show you how to do it yourself! Contact Cinnamon Edge to help you with your SEO.

NetRep - what it is and why you need it within digital marketing!

Digital reputation marketing and management (which we call ‘NetRep’) is about showing your name ‘out there’ in a good light: you carry on promoting the good aspects, and implement strategies to mitigate any less-than-good mentions.

When people are deciding whether to buy a service or product from you, they will usually look for you online… and they don’t just go straight to your website, but will put your name and/or keywords into a search engine and see what comes up.

Reputation management involves:

– An initial assessment of your status; that is, your ‘reputation’ online

– A review of the findings

– Follow up meeting(s) with your business if necessary

– Recommendations based on the findings, review and meeting(s)

– A structured and steady campaign to, according to need:

– – Displace any bad reviews

– – Build up a good online presence using a variety of platforms

– – Increase authority and credibility

– A tie-in with your website and marketing campaign

Not sure of your online reputation? Ask us to help

Reputation marketing & management is caring for the ‘image’ of a business, especially online, and promoting a positive image and trust.

We help you find out what’s being said:

– If it’s good, we advise you on how to capitalise on that

– If it’s mediocre, we advise you on how to up your game

– If it’s poor or awful, we give you strategies to overcome that

– If they can’t find any reference to you, it means no one’s complaining… but equally it means people won’t find you if they don’t know your web address!

Of course, we can do part or all of the implementation of the strategies for you if you wish, and it can be as a one-off or a rolling programme.

Online Growth Blueprint

Online Growth Blueprint (OGB): Helping you help your business

We understand some businesses just need some direction and ideas, and maybe some tuition, but want to do the rest themselves – that’s fine! If you would like a one-off analysis and then a blueprint of what to do next, just ask. When you work with us, it goes like this:

We’ll have an initial consultation – this will be £100-£500, depending on your business size

We will still send you a full report based on what we spoke about.

If you like what we’ve said, and want to hear more, we’ll set a date for a week or so later and come back to you with valuable insider knowledge and an Online Growth Blueprint made especially for your business – we do bespoke work, not one-size-fits-all deals!

Your investment for the initial meeting is £500, and £1,200 for the Bluepint meeting.

For this you get proven strategies to help you increase your exposure and profits; you’ll also receive a printed Online Growth Blueprint.

You can either ask us to help implement these strategies or not – that is entirely up to you. We can also talk about on-going consultancy and/or services – this could range from an hour a month to a day per week, for example.

Please understand these three things:

We only work with businesses who are committed to increasing their profits and who undertake to keep in contact and do their agreed part.

For SEO and similar, we only work with one business type per geographical sector; that is, we won’t work with close-by competitors on similar projects.

We are not just ‘SEO guys’! SEO is just a small part of our marketing mix and we do it in conjunction with other strategies. SEO is fine, but if other vital things aren’t in place, then it’s a waste of time doing it