Don’t Struggle Alone

Running a business can seem overwhelming at times. With so much to do and so many things to think about, it sometimes feels like you’re getting nothing done and going nowhere. Sound familiar?

Paradoxically, this is especially true of small businesses and start ups, where you’ll often have so many responsibilities it can be very difficult to know what to do first. This can be so overwhelming you end up doing almost nothing effective. If you keep finding yourself engaged in ‘displacement activities’ this is probably why.

There are two answers to the problem. Neither of them is difficult in itself but they do require you to step back for a moment to see the bigger picture.

Firstly, any big task is likely to seem overwhelming when you consider it in its entirety. Starting a new business or a big project can be both exciting and scary. You can only do one thing at a time, so work out what you need to do first (not what you want to!), and start there. Ignore the second thing until you’ve dealt with the first thing. Prioritise. (But if it’s not clear where you should start, just start somewhere.)

Secondly, DON’T try to do it all yourself. Even if funds are short, there’s nearly always something more profitable you can be doing do than struggling with a task you’re not good at. The chances are you’ll be getting nowhere fast if you’re trying to do anything but the thing you’re best at. So, outsource, or bring in expertise. That way, tricky things get done while you’re doing what you do well and probably enjoy much more.

You’ll also be saving loads of time, too, because experts aren’t just better, they’re also quicker. This means they often cost you a lot less than you might think as well.

If you’re struggling to build or update your website, for example, come to Cinnamon Edge. And if you’re worried about losing control of one of the most important parts of your business, don’t be: we make a point of always giving full control of their website to all our clients (at no cost). We’ll also teach you how to make updates and changes whenever you want. Or we can do that for you, or a mixture of both.

We supply a range of other services, too, and we love helping people and watching them succeed. (Our testimonials page gives you an idea of how our clients feel about us in return.)

So, don’t struggle alone, because you really don’t need to.