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Where are you based and does it affect us working together?

We are mainly based in the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey, and have a team member in Suffolk, UK…. and, because of the power of the internet, we have local, UK and worldwide clients. This means it doesn’t matter where you live – we can probably work with you.

What size businesses do you work with?

We like our work to be varied, so we work with, and offer consultancy, to all sizes of businesses, from start up to corporate. We also enjoy working with business owners who are trying to find their way.

Do you specialise in a specific sector/niche?

We don’t quite pracise what we preach here! To many of our clients we suggest they become known for a specialism, thereby being able to command better credibility and higher fees. However, we find our marketing and writing know-how fits nicely into any sector, so our clients are varied and that suits us nicely.

Examples of sectors include: Agriculture, Building, Complementary therapies, Health care, Hospitality, Law, Membership organisations, Printers, PPI, Rail network… and much more. Whatever your sector, or even if you’re just planning to go into something and want some ideas, just contact us.

Do you do pro bono work or joint ventures?

Yes and no. We do do a certain amount of pro bono work, and our slots for that are filled for the foreseeable future. Joint venture-wise, sometimes people ask us if we will do work for free with the promise of unspecified amounts of money when the joint venture launches. Often these are more hope than a sound business plan, so we decline; we are, however, open to true joint ventures!

Do you offer preferential rates for start ups?

Not usually, unless you’ve just left school/college or have been invalided out from the Forces. What we do for you can bring a very good ROI (return on investment), so our fees are well worth it. If you can’t afford it, there are places that offer grants; you need to talk with a business advisor and/or your bank about your business plan too. We do, however, offer packages that suit starts up and can offer plenty of advice – so do call us!

What sorts of analyses do you offer?

We offer a few types of analysis: visitor behaviour on your website, website analysis, tracking email campaigns, your digital marketing, competitor analysis and online mystery shopping.

Once I have a website, what else do I need?

Having a website is a good step in your marketing process. However, no matter how proud you are of it, if it can’t be found, then it’s a waste of your money!

Assuming you want people to discover your site through online search rather than just through business cards and fliers, then you’ll also need ‘SEO’ or search engine optimisation; put simply, that’s the optimising of your site so that search engines show it in their results when people type in a keyword to do with your sector. We suggest very strongly you allow for SEO in your marketing budget.

We can do SEO for you with pleasure (we love it!), but can also train you/your staff how to do SEO inhouse.

We want a big site, but one we can update ourselves - can you help?

Yes, we can! Just contact us.

I'm starting up a business; can you build me a website?

Yes, we can! Depending on your needs, funding and business plan, we can do a super-duper-bells-and-whistles site from the off, or a simple site that can be added to (whilst still keeping a good structure). We can do the adding for you, or train you how to do it.

I want to sell things from my site; can you help?

Yes, we can! The setup (and cost) is different according to if you want to:

– Sell one or a few products from your site

– Have a whole shopping cart system

– Add items yourself or have us do it

– Have an email capture and mailing programme in place (good for follow ups, saying about offers, and selling more products)

– Drive traffic to it (that is, get seen online)