Getting People (‘Traffic’) to Your Site…and a Caveat

There are many ways to get visitors to your site, including:

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  2. Inbound links from other, relevant or complementary, sites
  3. Articles (online and offline)
  4. Email marketing  (more to come…)
  5. Advertising through someone else’s email (you ‘sponsor’ it)
  6. Viral marketing (if yuou’re not familiar with this term it is highly effective, and all above board!)
  7. Other people’s endorsements
  8. Search Engine optimisation (SEO)
  9. Have a good domain name 
  10. Affiliate marketing
  11.  Joint ventures
  12. PR (online and offline)
  13. Direct mail (online and offline)
  14. Networking
  15. Radio and TV advertising (offline and online)
  16. Using Web 2.0 (blogging, webcasts, online radio, audio, webinars, etc)
  17. Classified ads (online and offline)
  18. Larger ads (in papers, magazines, online banners, etc)

Each method can work very well, but here’s the caveat:

Getting people to your site is only one part of an effective marketing mix.

Make sure you look at what you’re doing in terms of an effective marketing mix: what fits in where, when you implement each part, and what you do when the traffic comes through to convert visitors into customers.

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