Google, SEO and Your Website

Although Google declined to make an an announcement, saying they had “nothing to announce”, there’s little doubt that some adjustments to their algorithms took place in August and again early in September.

There was a lot of chatter about it in SEO circles…

We saw a brief dip in our clients’ visitor numbers (just for one day) on 21 August and a more marked rise on 4 September. Google’s unpredictability has led some marketing companies to condem SEO as a waste of time, since it’s impossible to anticipate, let alone guarantee results from one week to the next, but that was always the case.

And, while we can never say for certain that SEO will bring you the results your website needs, we can be fairly sure that a lack of optimisation will always hurt it.

There are at least three reasons why this is the case:

    • Your website won’t be successful in the search results if it’s not optimised
    • Your website’s navigation and usability will suffer if it’s not optimised
    • Any PPC advertising you do will be severely affected if your site isn’t optimised – in fact, you will be severely penalised, especially by Google Adwords

Optimisation is also the art behind making a website ‘sticky’.

This is why, when we build a website for a client, or help them to develop and promote an existing website, optimisation is one of the things we try to insist on. However attractive a site might look, it won’t do the job unless it’s optimised. 

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