How Can Networking Help With Your Marketing? Part 1

How can networking help with YOUR marketing? The short answer is, networking really helps! You build up a bank of associates and friends, and also gather a lot of marketing information.

But networking can be a waste of time if it’s not done properly. Yes, there is a skill to it – read on to find out how you can network more effectively and avoid the common pitfalls.

You might wonder how it is that some people take so naturally to networking and seem to derive great benefits from it, while others (perhaps including you) struggle to get past the pleasantries.

Asking questions of people rather than trying to sell yourself upfront is a very easy way to start the networking process – and a great way to help with your marketing.

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Being helpful marks you out as useful as well as nice, so more people will want to work with you. But this doesn’t just apply to events where you’re among your peers: mixing with more successful people (however you care to define ‘success’) gives you even greater opportunities – if you know how to take them.

Remember, even the most successful people – and let’s take wealth and influence as a measure for argument’s sake – still don’t have all the skills. In fact, most successful people get to where they are by recognising that fact and delegating jobs to people who have
the skills they lack.

So the next time you get a chance to speak with someone who you
admire, and whose achievements you aspire to emulate, try asking
them this:

‘What is your next aim, your next ambition?’ Because very successful people always have a new aim or vision.

Than ask them, ‘How can I help you to achieve it?’ or, ‘What obstacles are in your path?’

Think beyond your ‘role’ or ‘job’. Don’t be restricted by what your business card says you do! You have other skills and talents.

  • You might have skills that your hero lacks
  • You might be very good at introducing people, and you might already
    know the very person they need to meet
  • Or you might know the answer to a question or problem that’s been bugging them and blocking their path

Just ask what you can do to help, or what obstacles are in their way, and you might be amazed at how inventive and entrepreneurial you can be!

Networking can help your marketing. So, also ask the people you

‘I’m trying to see how my customers and potential customers view me/my service/my product. Can we assume here for the minute that you would use me?’

Then ask:

  • What would you be looking to gain from it?
  • What questions would you have about the business or process?
  • And if you were searching online, what key words would you use to
    find me?’

You’ll soon find you’ve become an ace networker!


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