How to Avoid the Clients From Hell

Or, how to get more of the clients you really want and none of those you don’t

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Nothing strangles a business more effectively than poor cash flow, and few things cause more cash flow problems than clients who don’t pay on time, or at all. These are the clients from hell.

The result? You find yourself desperate for new clients, especially any you can persuade to pay something in advance. So you put out a marketing message to the effect that new clients are welcome and you can’t afford to be fussy. Desperate times need desperate measures, right?

In the short term, maybe (but probably not). In the longer term, definitely not

Difficult times demand careful measures, or history will just repeat. What you need are good clients, better clients, not more bad ones. And that means your marketing message has to not just attract the ones you want but also, if possible, repel the ones you don’t.

FREE TIP: One good signal that helps to attract good clients and repel bad ones is setting your prices at the level that only good clients can afford (and will pay, because good clients see the value, not the price).

But there are other ways to get the right message across. Through your website, your sales and marketing copy, emails, how and where you advertise, and so on.

All of which we can help you with, as it happens. We’ll help you identify your ideal clients (starting with the ones who can afford to pay you, not least so you can pay us!). Then we’ll devise the right message for your market and choose and design the media that best deliver it.

That includes websites, direct mail, email campaigns and more.

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