How to Become a Foot Care Professional – Cinnamon Edge Book Now Available

How to Become a Foot Care Professional [Kindle Edition] now released! 

This short but informative book shows how YOU can become a foot care professional, no matter what your background is.

Jacqui Carrel answers these questions and more:
:: Can I get into foot care without a degree? (Clue: Yes! The author shows you how you can get going quickly)
:: What are the benefits of foot care as a career? (Clue: There are many!)
:: Is there a need for my services? (Clue: Yes! The author explains why, and how you can benefit from this need.)
:: Will I be able to get clients? (Clue: Plenty! Take these few simple steps that most of your competitors aren’t doing, and you’ll be away.)
:: Do you show me how to evaluate foot training courses? (Yes.)
The author, Jacqui Carrel, is an established marketer for foot care professionals, helping them get their businesses seen both offline and online. She also does the marketing for The College of Foot care Practitioners. She is partner in the successful UK marketing and SEO company Cinnamon Edge.

5* Reviews for Easy Competitor Analysis

Amazon’s T&Cs mean we can’t show them here, but do go to the site! On the UK site, scroll down to see US reviews too.

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