Great News for Jersey Business Owners

“Interestingly over 50% of members join Chamber for networking opportunities so we have a responsibility to you, our members, to provide more networking events which we hope you will find attractive.” – from the Jersey Chamber website

jersey chamber logoGreat news for smaller businesses in Jersey – The first Jersey Chamber Breakfast Networking Club will take place on 20 March, between 8 and 9am. The venue is to be confirmed but it’s expected to be a town centre location.

The price for the monthly events will be £5 for members and £10 for non-members, and there are opportunities to sponsor the meetings, too. Booking is via the Chamber website’s online booking system and you’ll be able to reserve your place soon.

We’re very proud to be helping the Chamber to organise this new venture, aimed at smaller businesses and their owners, and especially those who find it easier to attend before the working day. The informal and friendly structure means it will be easier to mingle and meet new people. Representatives of bigger businesses will be welcome too, of course, and it’s a great opportunity for you to meet potential clients and suppliers.

Cinnamon Edge and the Chamber of Commerce

We’ve always been enthusiastic members of our local Chamber of Commerce, as well as fans of networking for business in general.

In a previous post, I told you we’d joined the Jersey Chamber as soon as we arrived and we also made a point of getting to know the people behind the Chamber as well as our fellow members. If you’re going to get to know people as part of your business strategy, getting to know the right people will make a big difference to your progress.

And we felt we had something to offer, of course. Networking is a two-way thing – you need to be interested in the other person and their challenges before you can tell them about yourself and yours.

So, having sampled the superb Chamber lunches and listened to some excellent speakers, as well as meeting some of our fellow members, we shared our experience of starting and running our own networking events, as well as helping other organisations with theirs.

Jersey Chamber’s new CEO is very keen to give smaller businesses and their owners the best possible value for their membership, including the networking opportunities that over 50% of them say were a major reason for joining. Naturally, we put our hands up to help plan and organise the brand new Jersey Chamber Breakfast Networking Club.

We’re delighted our offer of help was accepted and our experience will be put to good use. And we’ll be even more delighted to see you, if you have or represent a Jersey business, on 20 March. That applies whether or not you’re a Chamber member.

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