Joining Jersey Chamber of Commerce

jersey chamber logoWe’ve always been keen and active members of our local Chamber of Commerce. Previously, this was the Bury St Edmunds Chamber, and we’re still in touch with our old friends there (fellow members and officials).

As soon as we came to Jersey, we made contact with the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, and we’re now confirmed members.

The Jersey Chamber is very keen to encourage smaller companies like ours to join and participate in Chamber activities, and we’re certainly with them on that – a lot of our business has come from networking and contacts we’ve made through the Bury Chamber. We would certainly encourage all members to make the most of their membership, and all small businesses to join and increase the opportunities for all of us to do business together, as well as with an ever-growing  range of contacts.

We certainly intend to be active, starting with the next network lunch in mid-November. Events like this can be intimidating at first, but every conversation you have could help your business in the future, even if you’re not aware of it at the time.

We say, join, join in and reap the benefits!

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