Really Simple SEO For Business Owners – Cinnamon Edge Book Now Available

Really Simple SEO for Business Owners [Kindle Edition] now released!

SEO (search engine optimisation) doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive – to be effective. This short book explains the exact methods the author has used to get several local business’ websites onto the top pages of Google quickly, and without spending a penny.

There is no ‘theory’ here. Roy Everitt is partner in a successful marketing and SEO firm and writes directly from personal experience of the techniques he has used to get rapid results for clients and his own company.

When you follow the seven steps in this book your website could be on page one before you know it!

5* Reviews for Really Simple SEO for Business owners

Amazon’s T&Cs mean we can’t show them here, but do go to the site! On the UK site, scroll down to see US reviews too.

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