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NetRep ~ Online reputation management and marketing – what it is and how to make yours great – and what happens if you don’t do it!

Content ~  How to easily create interesting content and use it to your business advantage!

QR Codes ~ What they are and how to use them for free to your business advantage!

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  1. Hi,

    We would like to ask you for permission to use your NetRep Online Reputation Management and Marketing ebook text as a free course (or courses) on our My Learning Log website. We would add your full details as the course provider which will give you a valuable source of new clients. If you want, we can also add additional free promotional boxes beside the course – just send us the details and web links. In order to convert the book to a course or courses, we may also add an assessment quiz to the course (don’t worry, we’ll do that). Hope this meets with your approval as we feel the course will be very popular with our large number of users.

    Best wishes,


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