Seminar & Workshops Secrets – Cinnamon Edge Book Now Available on Kindle

The Complete Secrets to Seminar Success [Kindle Edition] now released!
Seminars and workshops are an excellent way to promote your business or brand, while the seminar model is an outstanding business in its own right.

This comprehensive book, in 21 chapters plus a bonus chapter and appendix, details everything you will ever need to know about how to plan, promote and run your own seminars and workshops – without losing your shirt! In fact, when you follow this system you could soon be making money from your events and even building an entire business around them.

Contents of the book include: How to find an enthusiastic and hungry market – How to find the best speakers – and persuade them to speak – Choosing your venue – Marketing and promoting your seminar – Pricing and positioning – Building your credibility – How to give great value of value for money – and profit even more – Your guarantee – The schedule on the day – giving everyone great value – Following up, building your list and building your income – And even what to do if it all goes wrong!

Roy Everitt has many years’ experience planning, promoting and presenting events of all sizes, and has observed, researched and spoken to successful seminar promoters in several niches. He has also presented workshops for local business owners and written educational material in a number of subjects.

What he has observed, and confirmed from his own experience, is that successful seminar promoters all use virtually the same system for planning, presenting and monetising their events – the system he first described in Niche Seminar Secrets in 2008, from which this book is derived. That system is explained in detail in this book.

Roy is a partner in the successful marketing and training firm Cinnamon Edge and has written a great deal on marketing and promotion for businesses, more of which will be appearing in Kindle format soon.

5* Reviews for The Complete Secrets to Seminar Success

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