Terms & Conditions

We like to keep these simple so here, without gobbledegook, are our terms and conditions:

  1. An initial contract will be agreed on and you will write or email verifying you have a) seen it, b) understand it and c) will keep to it – we will too!
  2. We keep in regular contact with one another and, if scheduled, keep to that schedule
  3. Contact should be via email in the first instance: we check emails at least twice a day
  4. If it’s an emergency, do call; if we are not able to take the call, please leave a clear message or text it and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can
  5. INITIAL CONSULTATIONS cost from £200-£2,000 but 30-100% of this (depending on what you go for) will be offset offset against project/consultancy payment if we work together. (NOTE: We offer a free 20 minute session over the phone or Skype to get a brief idea of your needs and if we can help you.)
  6. ALL PROJECTS require some upfront payment; we will let you know exactly what when we give you a quote for work, but it ranges from 15-50% on the whole. It varies: people we know pay on time are asked for less up front. Poor payers are asked for more; really poor payers are dropped from our books.
  7. Examples of payments for services
    1. Very small projects (£200 or below) we ask for all up front.
    2. Up to £599: £250 up front, with the rest on completion
    3. £600-£999: £350 up front, with the rest on completion
    4. £1,000-£2,499: £400 up front, 30% of remainder paid in increments (timescale agreed in advance), and the rest upon completion
    5. £2,500: £500 up front, 30% of remainder paid in increments (timescale agreed in advance), and the rest upon completion
  8. If you pay within one week, we offer a 5% discount- thank you! If you settle up as per the invoice, please pay the amount billed. We charge 5% fee for late payment of up to 10 days, 10% for late payment 11- 30 days, 15% for late payment of 31-60 days. Thereafter, we will take further action (for example, taking your website down or applying to court). Sorry about this, but we have had our fingers burned too often. We do ask that if you have any problems to let us know right away and not ignore the problems or us
  9. For projects and books, all work and copyright belongs to Cinnamon Edge until full payment is received and then we hand it across to you. If you default on your payments, we will keep part or all of the work until recompensed
  10. Feedback always helps – things you like, things you were rather done differently and things you think we could add
  11. We will ask you for a testimonial and referrals. Because most of work comes through referrals we are able to keep our costs down
  12. If you want to change your plans or adjust the contract please say so in good time! Usually we can work something out pretty easily as we understand ‘things happen’ – but do keep us in the loop