Testimonials for Cinnamon Edge

Here are some of our testimonials. (We sign non-disclosure agreements with some of our clients – we don’t tell their secrets and they don’t tell ours, so you won’t see their names on some of the quotes here, though they were pleased to give their testimonials.)

Ana Flores, Spanish lawyer (Abogado)Thank you Jacqui [Jacqui Carrel at Cinnamon Edge] for your great work! Jacqui has not only updated my website, giving me advice how to improve contents, adding tools and refreshing its look & feel but she has also helped me to recover my domain name and hosting, a hard task. I recommend her as a high qualified, creative and responsive professional. Ana Flores, Spanish Lawyer AnaFlores.eu.


Alex Wright: owner, Porthole Suites JerseyI had the fortune of meeting Jacqui from Cinnamon Edge by chance when I was launching a new business in hospitality and needed support with on line marketing. Jacqui gave me fantastic advice and I realised that our business would greatly benefit from Jacqui’s professional knowledge. Despite already having a website Jacqui gave us a comprehensive analysis which showed how we could vastly improve our image and so we asked Jacqui to create a new website and raise our on line profile. Jacqui had a natural ability to understand our business and what we needed to do, she is always available to answer questions and spend time helping us with our brand. Highly recommended, very professional and knowledgeable Jacqui has helped us develop our business profile online and market ourselves efficiently. We are delighted with our new website and can’t thank Jacqui enough! With thanks & kind regards, Alexandra Wright Porthole Suites.
Jacqui Carrel of Cinnamon Edge has created a new website for SOS Jersey as our old website was showing its age. The new site had to be interactive and editable so I could write our updates. Jacqui ran me through the process, working with me at all stages and built the site according to our needs. At time of writing we are working together, putting the finishing touches to it. I would thoroughly recommend Cinnamon Edge for their professionalism and expertise in this field. Dave Cabeldu, Oo-ordinator SOSJ.
Tudor Morgan-Owen of Tudor Morgan-Owen Photography - click here to go to his site (opens in new tab/window)I attended the “Getting Seen Online” workshop run by Jacqui and Roy from Cinnamon Edge (hosted by the Farmers Club in Bury St Edmunds and organised by the Bury St Edmunds Chamber of Commerce and Cinnamon Edge) as part of the Bury Business Festival 2012. It was I can honestly say a revelation, I came away with reams of helpful information that was delivered in clear English and with a sense of humour. I will be implementing changes to boost my online presence and hopefully turn that extended web exposure into business opportunities and more work. Tudor Morgan-Owen of Tudor-Morgan Owen Photography, Suffolk

Getting Seen Online was an invaluable workshop for my business. Jacqui & Roy delivered a content rich and results focused presentation that will help my business attract more new customers. The presentation also focused on ways to improve communications with and retain our existing customers. I returned to my office enthused with lots of ideas and practical advice on how to maximise my on-line presence and improve my business. Two hours of time and money well spent on what will be a lifetimes worth of benefit for my business. An essential workshop for anyone who is serious about growing their business in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. Steve Penistone High Street Brands 4 Less

Adam Jones Coaching logoThank you for the 2 hours of your time you kindly gave me to talk about my website, SEO, and on line marketing in general. Your knowledge on the subject is encyclopaedic, and you have a gift in putting it across in a ‘simple to understand’, and patient manner that has motivated me to continually improve my on-line presence. My copious notes of our meeting have turned into a 30 point action plan, which I am confident of delivering to meet my marketing goals. Adam Jones, Adam Jones Coaching, Suffolk

Content Marketing was a very enjoyable one day workshop covering many ways of advertising your business. The format was very relaxed and interactive and I came away with several new ideas and constructive techniques for writing advertorials, web pages and general articles. Linda Birnie
FKS logoThank you! Cinnamon Edge built us a site to our ‘clean, simple and iPad-friendly’ remit to showcase the building projects we have done.

Having the site also means we can show people photos of all our projects without scrolling through loads of folders to find the pictures. FKS Building Services, Bury St Edmunds

After attending Cinnamon Edge’s Content Marketing workshop, I was so enthused I went straight back to my office where I wrote and published my first article on Ezine. Anne Whitaker, www.whitaker-associates.co.uk
Jacqui provides a clear, informative and professional structure to her presentations offering relevant examples and a positive example to the group. She interacts well with the group sharing her excellent knowledge for all things relating to web content and writing. A thoroughly enjoyable session. Shelley Barrett, Connected Shopping Ltd, Bury St Edmunds
This is the second event I’ve been to with Cinnamon Edge and once again it was clear and easy to follow all the way. Jacqui & Roy were always happy to answer questions to explain or expand on points and even add a
few more things along the way to ensure everyone’s individual needs and expectations were met. Naomi Millar, Bury St Edmunds
Elizabeth Dutton, foot care trainer, showing how and what to charge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU….. To Cinnamon Edge.
Thanks to Jacqui the College of Foot Care Practitioners has just received its accreditation with the NCFE. The whole process was very hard work and without the skills, technical knowledge and ability given by Jacqui, I would never have been able to complete the necessary tasks within the time frame. As it is, the team work was excellent, the task achieved and Cinammon Edge has one very HAPPY client!!! Elizabeth Dutton – Principal, The College of Foot Care Practitioners

“There were some snippets of pure gold dust!” Overall a very interesting course, it has added some new ideas and thoughts which I will definitely be using. Matt Willingham, Connected Shopping Ltd

A creative course that keeps up to date with latest ideas on technology, news and innovative thinking. Lynne Davis, The Blue Boar Inn, Walsham-le-Willows

Seth Holdren lbdea dot orgGreat Results, Personable, High Integrity. Jacqui is amazing. Not only is she probably the single nicest person I know, she is a true marketing expert. Also, her workshops are top notch, the best. If you ever get an opportunity to work with Jacqui, jump at the chance!!

She is awesome. Highly recommend. Seth H, Local Business Development Education Association, Nashville, Tn

Content marketing seminar was very informative and well delivered course that covered many aspects of modern marketing techniques. I have learned a lot and am taking away many ideas for enhancing my business in the future. Thanks. Quinton Cannell, The Abbey Hotel, Bury St Edmunds

Roy and Jacqui have an amazing amount of knowledge and a gift of sharing that with others.

They are extremely helpful and love seeing businesses succeed. JR Griggs (Tampa, Florida)

An interesting and highly relevant presentation with tips and tricks I will quickly be able to implement. Ben Logan, British Language School, Bury St Edmunds

Another workshop covering lots of useful and practical information again proves that Roy and Jacqui know their subject. Mark Wallace, Stacey & Partners

A nice, relaxed style of presenting – thank you. Sarah Parks, Green Leaf marketing

Good course, good pace, good venue. Naimh McArdle, Workwise, Bury St Edmunds

phil-adobo photoBeyond the keen advice and powerful marketing strategies that they share, Roy and Jacqui TRULY CARE about your success, which is very important to me, and something I’ve found to be lacking with other so-called marketing experts. Phil (Los Angeles CA)
Just a quick note to say thank you for “Niche Seminar Secrets.” What a fantastically timely publication for me. I’m about to organize my first live speaking event and I was feeling overwhelmed by all the things that go into organizing it. I don’t know if you believe in the law of attraction, but I was just starting to think that I need a manual that I could follow step-by-step to set up my upcoming seminars. Two days later, voila, here it is. I feel that once you release this manual it will quickly become the bible for seminar organizers. It is fantastic. What I like best about it, other than the checklists of things not to forget and covering all the basis, is the section on what happens when the sh** hits the fan. Inevitably, nothing is ever 100% perfect and I think that section is going to save a lot of conference organizer’s butts. Thanks again. This book is a must have for anyone who’s thinking about organizing a seminar, conference, or any event that demands some serious organization and multi-tasking. Terry Telford (Canada)
“An essential part of your entrepreneurial toolkit”: Whatever business you’re in, workshops, seminars and conferences are an essential part of your entrepreneurial toolkit! Even in this recession, they’ll put you ahead of the competition, and bring in the cash. Not sure where to start? Then read Roy Everitt’s Niche Seminar Secrets – his step-by-step manual covers all you need to know to get started. And if you don’t fancy getting up on the stage, Roy shows you how to get other people queuing up to be your speakers. Get started with your workshops, seminars and conferences now! Mark Anastasi (Cyprus)
Highly recommend Roy as a marketing and web promotions expert. His workshops are top shelf, and everything Roy does is of the highest integrity and quality. Roy is great! (Roy, you’re great!!) 🙂 Seth Holdren.
You would be an asset to any small business owner. I’ve seen the quality of your posts and your work. The UK is in dire straights, small business can’t wait forever to get help. Please help these business owners for their sake.
Cinnamon Edge really are amazing. Professional, receptive and with a no nonsense straight talking approach. I initially went to them with problems getting my website up and running, and getting noticed on the search engines. They showed me solutions that I did not realise existed. In just two days of working with them in a consultative capacity, I learnt so much more than I realised I did not know! I came away from my time with them, confident and upbeat about getting my business noticed. With their help I got insight into how to get my business not only noticed but onto the lead page of the search engines. Their ideas, training, and coaching have allowed me to move my business forward with a modern day approach to e-marketing. Their assistance really was invaluable.
Thanks so much for that, I think I might blow it up and stick it to my wall to completely avoid that mistake again . You’re becoming notorious for your attention to detail I tells ya!
That’s a kick-ass video, can you make me one when I…
Jacqui and Roy achieved the impossible at the Google Changes workshop. They helped me understand and be more confident of using the power of Google. Another great marketing tool for our organisation! More please! Ruth Brady, Bury St Edmunds Chamber of Commerce, Bury St Edmunds
Although I have used Google many times, I am completely new to this side of it. The onformation was explained well with good examples without over-explaining. I feel I’ve learned all the basics I need to know and could put it to the test. Naomi Millar, Bury St Edmunds
Tim Newton Atkinson Bolton ConsultingCinnamon Edge gave a great basic understanding of Google Places.


For anyone who is scared of putting the company on Google, this is a must visit event. Tim Newton, Atkinson Bolton, Newmarket

Roger Young IFA Guildhall Financial Services Interesting, practical, useful and relevant.

Time well spent and good value for money. Just what I expected from Jacqui and Roy.Roger Young, Guildhall Financial Services, Bury St Edmunds

A good indepth look at how to use Google Places. Lots of information, so bring lots of paper!! Chris Austin, The Internet Consultancy, Bury St Edmunds
I thought you spoke extremely well this morning by the way and “held” your audience nicely. I must admit though, that I thought I would be struggling to stay awake this morning after a late meeting yesterday.

However, I wasn’t nodding off at all – well done!! Neil Sandry, Knights Lowe

Thank you for this, I’m not quite done but I had to stop and say that I just picked up a tip on page 9 that I’ve never considered or heard anywhere else that very well might help me in a real estate seminar I’ll be speaking at this summer. This one technique very well might make me more money! Thanks again.
Woaaah, guys, you’ll wanna grab these before they take them down. Both reports gave me some great ideas. Although I knew about xxx, I leant some great tips and there were things I hadn’t thought of doing. As for the second one, “The LNCC Method”, I definately HADN’T though of doing this, it’s sooooo simple (although I still managed not to think of it myself LOL). Also, there is no fluff, just gets straight down to what you want and need to know. I would’ve happily paid for this information, so THANK YOU for making it available…
You are so awesome! This xxx is perfect. Mine was just not doing what I wanted it to do. You have saved me sooo much time…

Bravo. You make the virtual world a better place…a treat and a joy to have around:

  • 1. Never a negative, harsh, or impolite word typed.
  • 2. Helpful, cooperative and encouraging to others.
  • 3. Enthusiastic and consistent.

Damn. That is an awesome list. No more excuses for not…

I think you’re crazy for selling that great of info for $7, that report should be sold for anything less than $17 and could easily sell for $27+, have you tried playing with prices?

And last but not least, you’re fast becoming one of my favorite people on xxx. Not only did you offer me help when I needed it with the MindMap/Blueprint but went above and beyond by providing me with the template I was able to edit and use in my presentation yesterday. Thank you!

Thank you so much for this great info! Yet another option to think about.

I just read your LBCC report, and it was top notch! I (like you) read a lot of reports, and yours beats the snot out of most paid reports, quite honestly. Great job! Your writing is refreshing and your perspective is unique and original. I am glad to be on your list.