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You know you need a website and you probably¬† already have one, but is it still working for your business? Might it even be holding your business back? (Don’t have a website? Click here.) Increasingly, our clients are people who have a website already but realise it needs to do more for their business.

If your website was built around the same time you started your business there’s a good chance it’s not serving your needs as well as it did. Perhaps your website has never done what you hoped it would.

The answer to both these problems? Upgrade your website.

First, decide what you need your site to do – we’ll help you work that out – and Cinnamon Edge will then update, redesign, develop or completely recreate your website to complement and serve your business in the best way possible.

Design is important but there’s more to this process than just making your website ‘stylish’. Any build-it-yourself program can give you that. Real design takes place in the background, too.

Our smart design is focused entirely on what your business needs. It’s more subtle than style alone and some features will be invisible to your website visitors, but will make all the difference – features a self-build program may not offer you and which a non-expert won’t know or be able to include. Things like making your site mobile-friendly, searchable (and findable!) and fully compliant.

These functions and others are what make the difference between a nice website and an effective one. You need a site that boosts your business rather than holding it back.

That’s why, if your website needs upgrading, your website developer needs to be an expert like Cinnamon Edge.

We can also provide website photography and web copy.

Upgrade your website with Cinnamon Edge because, while our prices are restrained, your business doesn’t have to be.

Contact us on 07797 824565 or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you. Ask us about our diverse recent clients or visit our testimonials page to see what others say about us (opens in a new window).

Another website from Cinnamon Edge and another happy customer

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