Website Services for Legal Professionals and Law Firms

Attracting the legal clients you want to specialise in depends on presenting yourself and your firm in the best possible way from the beginning, starting with your website.

These days you can’t just put up any old website and hope it will do the job, especially if you don’t know what that job is. So we will:

  • help you clarify exactly what kind of legal clients you want*
  • design and build a website designed to attract that kind of client
  • show you how to update and refresh your site – or we can do that for you


As a law frm, you won’t need a big, flashy site with loads of pages, so we won’t try to sell you one. What you do need is a modern, professional and easy to update website that gets found by your ideal clients, tells them about you and persuades them to get in touch, so that’s what we offer.

Above all, your new website will be cost effective – bringing you the clients you want at a price that might surprise you.

We also offer other marketing services for lawyers and professionals, including advice and help with social media, video, articles and more. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you.

*The more precisely we can identify your ideal client, the more effective all your marketing can be