What’s Behind The Cinnamon Edge Logo?

Logo - Cinnamon Edge
Spice up your marketing

We sometimes get asked about the origin of the Cinnamon Edge logo (and the Cinnamon edge name). I’ll come back the name later, but first, let’s look at the logo.

There are two ways logos can work for a business

  1. The logo indicates the business name or its products and services
  2. The logo is distinctive and memorable and eventually becomes familiar, even if it’s quite abstract.


At first sight, our logo falls into the second category. Our business is quite diverse, so a logo depicting all that we do would have been difficult to design.

Given that we already had the name, our designer was invited to produce something distinctive, and he duly did.

Look closely at the logo and you’ll see it’s actually two things. Firstly, it’s a view of the end of a cinnamon stick – or the effect you might get if you inked the cinnamon stick and printed with it.

But secondly, it’s also a superimposed C and e, albeit that the ‘e’ is reversed. This was an accident, but a happy one, and I don’t think we noticed it ourselves in the original version.

We’ve been using variations on the original logo almost from the time Cinnamon Edge was created, and the latest version has been in use since 2012.

As for the Cinnamon Edge name – well, Jacqui came up with that, some years before she had a use for it. But as soon as we decided to combine our talents to form a new copywriting and marketing company, the idea of spicing up people’s marketing made Cinnamon Edge Marketing a perfect name.

So now you know!

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