Why Does Good Business Writing Matter?

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Poor Writing Lets You and Your Business Down

Read on to find out why – and to find out what you can do about it.

Poor writing can really let you and your business down for the reasons outlined below.

The corollary is, of course, true!

Good writing leads to better communication, time saved, a professional appearance, the vital messages getting across, and more money coming into your business.

Bad writing reflects poorly on your business

People think things like, ‘If this is the standard of their writing, what will their service/product be like?’ and, ‘Is this business so unsuccessful they can’t afford to employ or train a proper writer and copyeditor?’

Bad writing can make you sound unfocused and ill-informed, and people see this as a reflection of your business.

Bad writing loses you money

Describing a product or service in a boring way? People will stop reading and not buy.

Bad writing is bad manners!

It’s a bit like the written version of sitting opposite someone who is mumbling, stopping at odd points throughout a sentence, and using jargon-laden language that is beyond your comprehension, never mind your boredom threshold.

The difference is, politeness may dictate you at least hear the person out…but with web content or physical literature, people can choose to click away or bin it.

Bad writing means you don’t communicate your message properly

When people communicate properly, we can misunderstand what they are saying – the same goes for poor grammar (a misplaced apostrophe or comma can make all the difference!) and poor structure (leave the best bit to the middle or end, and it may well get overlooked).

In addition, if you have a great idea but it’s written badly, that idea may go un-noticed, or unremarked.

Bad writing is a time waster

Bad writing adds to the time people have to spend on getting things done because of the need for constant clarification.

Business writing is a skill that is easily learned. Attend one of our business writing workshops to learn the tricks of the trade – or just make the jump and get a professional writer in!

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