Why Mobile Websites are a Waste

Another reason we use WordPress for our websites is so you can save yourself the trouble and expense of a separate mobile site.

Don’t get me wrong: the need for a mobile-friendly site is bigger than ever. In fact, it’s overwhelming, since more than half your website’s visitors are likely to be using a mobile device. (And if they’re not, it will be because they can’t.)

Things have changed, though, and mobile users, along with everyone else, including tablet and laptop users, can now be served the same website, and it will be useable on every device.

This massive change has been brought about by something called a ‘responsive’ website – one that automatically adjusts to fit any screen size and ratio, so it’s viewable and useable by everyone, whatever device they use. That adds enormously to your website’s effectiveness by basically doubling its reach.

The easiest and cheapest way to build a responsive website, in our experience, is with WordPress. That means we can build in ‘responsiveness’ to any website we create for you. There are two main ways to achieve this: with a ‘responsive theme’, designed from the start to be responsive, or with a plug in that adds responsive behaviour to an existing theme. You don’t need to worry about that now.

What you do need to concern yourself with is if your current website, or one you’re having built right now, isn’t already responsive; you could be turning half your potential customers away from your business.

Just think about that, and contact us if you’d like some help in reaching that other fifty percent.

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