Why We Use WordPress

WordPress logoWordPress is an open-source website building software that now powers 22 percent of all websites worldwide and is still growing in popularity, but why do we use it for nearly all the website projects we’re involved in?

And why do we recommend a WP site for most of our clients?

There are four basic reasons:

– Speed: we can create a new site very quickly (although developing it and adding all the functions required by individual projects takes time)

– Versatility: there’s a reason so many people use WordPress and that’s because it can be adapted to so many different needs. Not all website owners have the same requirements but nearly of of them can be satisfied using the WP platform. Thousands of themes, an equal number of plugins and the ability to edit behind the scenes means we can give every client exactly what they want and need. This can include everything from a forum to a shopping cart and email marketing to market surveys.

– Reliability and Security: WordPress issues security updates and platform upgrades at regular and frequent intervals to protect sites from hackers and scammers. Installing these updates takes moments, and they’re invisible to the end user – nothing gets lost.

– Easy Updating: we offer training to all our clients to allow them to update their own websites, so you don’t have to pay us (or anyone else) every time you want something changed, updated or added. You can edit and add pages, post to your blog and do your own updating and back-ups, although we’re happy to do that too.

Things evolve quickly, especially in the world of technology, and the WordPress community is constantly improving and developing the platform. As a result, the vast majority of users become fans.

Meanwhile, our familiarity with the WP platform and experience in adapting and developing it for numerous varied clients means we’re perfectly placed to help you with your next website project, whether that’s a new build or an update or replacement of your existing site.

We can help you with domain purchase and hosting as well. Call or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and even help you work out what those needs are!

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