Google Places

What is Google Places? If you use Google to do your searching, you’ve probably noticed a map in a prominent location and the local listings that go with it. These listings also tend to top the searches, beaten only by the pay-per-click ads. So, where are these results coming from?

The source of these listings is Google Places

Google Places is in essence free listing of businesses, allowing consumers to easily search for services or products in their local area. It is also an easy to place to find all the relevant information needed to find or contact a business.

The Places listings often dominate the first page of the results. Even where they do not push the standard results off the first page, they are still up there at the top. There can be as many as 7 Places listings and with that much choice there may be no need to ever to scroll further down.

However, there may also be as few as 3 or even none for certain searches. Does that mean those businesses don’t have to worry about Places? Not at all! You do! That’s because  it’s actually a golden opportunity for someone to utilise Places and jump easily to the top of the search….pipping you to the post and the new client!

If you don’t have a website or indeed any online presence currently, a Places page is perfect. It includes address, phone number and opening times amongst other things which is easily enough to get you started. When you, or if you do, have a website, linking it up with a good Places page can really boost it up the results.

You may be asking at this point “So how do I get a Places page?”

Well, first of all, make sure you don’t already have one. Yes, Google automatically adds listings. You may have had a Google Places page all along and just need to claim it. The process is free and quite simple to get the basics filled in – we can show you how at one of our Google Places workshops.

However, the basics will only go so far. Even in a niche with low competition, eventually someone will look at you and say “I can beat that” and before you know it you’re falling back down the rankings. You need to really optimise that Places page and it’s best done sooner rather than later.

And here’s where we come in.

Google Places Workshop

Cinnamon Edge runs workshops on Google Places that will show you how to get that listing created, verified and optimised with ease. Even better, the next one is only on 31 March 2011, so you’ll be up and running in no time!

Find out more about your Google Places workshop

Simply click here for more details and for information on how to sign up – and on how to claim yoru free video (worth £97). We look forward to seeing you at the Google Places workshop!