Business, Content & Book Writing

We can sort your writing needs and:

  • Get people to click on your link when they see your site description in the organic rankings
  • Send out newsletters and develop interesting page content that will help people trust you and see you as an authority
  • Send out compelling emails and direct mail that will get people reaching for their wallets
  • Write adverts that make people respond instead of yawn
  • Use words to build a list (that you can market to again and again)
  • Have a book with you on the cover as the author (great sales tool as well as generating income)

Mix and Match! Choose From These Writing Services

  • Comprehensive keyword research 
  • Articles and article marketing
  • Emails and email marketing (includes autoresponder set up and list building)
  • Direct Mail campaigns
  • Web content (written with SEO in mind, and to make people stay longer)
  • Online sales letters (including mini-sites if needed)
  • Blog posts and blog marketing
  • Social media articles and posts and social media marketing
  • Content: for sites, reports, ebooks, information products (including audio and video), presentations, membership sites
  • Advertisements  and classified ads (yes, there is a knack!), including Pay Per Click / Adwords
  • Have information products that create residual (ongoing) income and credibility
  • Ghost writing (articles, manuals, books, etc)
  • Copyediting / proofing
  • CVs /résumés